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The gastronomy in Tutzing is diverse

You are spoiled for choice

The gastronomy in Tutzing is diverse. You’ll be spoiled for choice. In addition to original Bavarian dishes, such as the popular roast pork with dumplings and cabbage, you will encounter upscale dining with fine wines or the now established host will tempt you into his native cuisine.

Sit under shady chestnut trees, or let your gaze glide over the plate to the lake and the mountains. Have your meal served or serve yourself depending on your taste. Off to the side in a small courtyard you will encounter snack bars. Spend a convivial evening in a Bavarian, Greek, Italian, Croatian or Asian restaurant.

During or after your day on and around the water, the innkeepers of the bathing places will provide you with a wide selection of food and drinks. If you are hungry quickly, you can also go to the kebab snack bar or the butcher, who offers a changing lunch menu.

There is the right thing for you too.


There is always something to talk about at long beer tables

What is better known in Bavaria than its inviting and cozy beer gardens?

In Bavaria you are allowed to bring your own snack. A checkered tablecloth, pretzels, rolls or bread, cheese, sausage and radishes and nothing stands in the way of a cozy get-together. Now the only thing missing is the freshly tapped beer, which you need to buy from the beer garden operator.

Under shady trees, mainly chestnuts, on the lakeside or with a paradisiacal view of the Alps, you will always find a place to stay.

Strangers become friends, because there is always something to talk about at the long beer tables.

Coffee & Cake

The most beautiful places in Tutzing

From home-baked cakes and fragrant bread rolls to creamy ice cream specialties, in the heart of Tutzing there is a large selection of cafés, bistros, bakeries and ice cream parlors just waiting to spoil you with home-baked cakes, pies, pastries, creamy ice cream and much more.

Let us pamper you and relax with a good cup of coffee or tea. There is something for every taste and is simply part of the excursion.