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Tourist Info Team

The Tourist Info in the Vetterlhaus

We have been there for you for ten years

Citizens of Tutzing founded the Tutzinger Förderverein für Tourismus e. V. on November 13, 2009 – together with the tourism officer of the municipal council. From initial considerations, an institution has developed over the past ten years that Tutzing can no longer be imagined without. Every day except Sundays, volunteers, guests and locals are available for advice and assistance. The brochure, which is published annually, has developed from a thin sheet of paper into a handsome brochure that is continuously supplemented and adapted. The achievements of the association were recognized in 2016 by the municipality of Tutzing with a letter of honor. The Tutzinger Förderverein für Tourismus e. V. has set itself the task of bundling the various tourist offers, advising Tutzing’s guests, taking up their suggestions and giving development impulses to other institutions serving tourism. The municipality of Tutzing has made Tutzing’s oldest building, the “̒Vetterlhaus”, available for the establishment of a tourism office. This guest information is run by volunteer citizens of Tutzing, who are available to answer visitors’ and locals’ questions on many aspects of the tourist offer. Guests and locals like to use the internet access at the Vetterlhaus. If you do not have mobile access to the Internet, you can “check your e-mails” or other information here and also print them out if necessary.

Our employees in the Vetterlhaus (from left):

Jan Köllmann, Sigrid Horn, Marius Cammerer, Rosemarie Grabowski, Ina Dörries, Renate Schöpf, Hedda Hoinkis, Christl Höfler, Inge Quick, Heike Grund, Caroline Krug, Andrea Behrens-Ramberg, Gitta Ciesla, Eva-Maria Lidl.


Whatever we do ...
... we do it for you!

The Tutzing Tourism Promotion Association is a regional network in which every tourism stakeholder can participate in order to increase the attractiveness of Tutzing.

Our goal is to direct tourism, strengthen business enterprises and leave an unforgettable impression on our guests.

Our core task is guest information. We do this in the Vetterlhaus, the tourist information office, in the center of Tutzing, with our vacation magazine and, in keeping with the times, with our website. It is the first address when travelers get information about Tutzing. For this reason, the website underwent an extensive relaunch in 2022/23. Residents of the municipality, holidaymakers and guests can get comprehensive information about what the municipality has to offer.

For the coming years, further measures are planned to increase guest satisfaction and to support landlords and merchants.

The association has more than 100 members from all industries and therefore a knowledge and experience. You can increase this clout even further with your membership.

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The website of the Tutzing Tourism Service ...
... is the first address on the Internet!

As a matter of course, travelers and vacationers inform themselves about the offers of their favorite vacation destination before booking. Therefore, the competition is not only against competitors “in the place” and only when the guests are already there, but months in advance, against a large number of other vacation regions.

In addition to the presentation of the culture, leisure and entertainment offers, especially the infrastructure offers play a decisive role for the choice of the vacation destination.

  • What is the gastronomic offer?
  • What kind of shopping facilities are there?
  • Where can we stay overnight?
  • What service providers are there locally?

With your advertisement on the web pages of the Tutzinger Förderverein für Tourismus you draw attention to yourself and your offer at an early stage and are an important, perhaps even the decisive reason for the vacation decision. PRO Tutzing.

You can order the advertisement both as a member and as a non-member.