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Andechs Monastery

At a glance

Mountain road 2
82346 Andechs

Sanctuary, museum, gastro

Restaurant, butcher shop, brewery, cafe

The monastery, the oldest place of pilgrimage in Bavaria, was founded in 1455 and has been run by the Benedictines ever since.

The holy mountain is just 15km away from Tutzing and one of the most popular destinations. Whether by foot, bicycle, bus or car (the latter is not recommended with this drinkable beer), you simply have to be there.

Even from a distance you can see the characteristic onion tower of the church.

And if you climb the holy mountain from the bus stop or the parking lot, beer gardens and taverns to the right and left invite you to drink the beer known beyond Bavaria’s borders and at the same time experience Bavarian Gem├╝tlichkeit.

A visit to the monastery church will amaze anyone, as it also houses master relics.

Behind the church a beautiful walk leads through the Kiental to Herrsching at the Ammersee.


Andechs Monastery

Mountain road 2
82346 Andechs

Tel: +49 (0)8152 3760

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